Martin Mazza bottoms for Viktor Rom at Butch Dixon

When you’re dealing with the meanest top fucker on the books you need a total cock-crazed slut to take that kind of pounding. The guys at Butch Dixon came up with Martin Mazza, who loves dick more than anyone. Just look at that hungry look in his eyes as big-bad-fukka Viktor Rom slides his pants down to reveal that great slab of uncut meat!

And if you like your top guys, mean, handsome and hung, you’re gonna love Viktor Rom. He looks amazing, has a stunning body and a beautiful uncut dick, but its his attitude that’s the cherry on the cream cake, you just know by looking at him that this totally masculine top guy means business.

Martin has that cock in his mouth before you can say ‘cock-slut’, and he’s slurping on that monster like its his last meal ever, before Viktor turns him around and pushes his face into Martin’s hungry hole to spit lube it ready for his throbbing cock.

Watch Viktor Rom and Martin Mazza in the full-length video

Watch Martin Mazza taking Viktor Rom’s big cock at Butch Dixon


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