Boomer Banks fucks Logan McCree in “Dick Moves” part one from Raging Stallion

Back in May, we already showed you some previews from this Raging Stallion scene, which highlights the return of the hot and horny Logan McCree. It took a while, but the scene – in which Logan gets his ass fucked by Boomer Banks – is now online at Raging Stallion. The video is the first scene from a new series, called “Dick Moves“.

Carnivore Boomer Banks is almost offended when Logan McCree brings him a veggie pizza for lunch. Tired of his whining, Logan yells, ‘Here’s meat on your pizza,’ and whips out his cock, slaps it against a slice of pizza, and hurls it at Boomer. Boomer retaliates, smearing pizza on Logan’s face, then forcing him to eat meat: Boomer’s meat.

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Logan has no hesitations about chowing down on 10′ of uncut cock.¬†Boomer punishes Logan’s face and throat, rapidly while stroking himself. Logan assists, hooking his fingers in the sides of his mouth and stretching his lips as far as possible, until he is swallowing all of Boomer’s cock. Having had enough meat, Logan jumps on a bench, landing on his knees with his tattooed ass aimed at Boomer.

Boomer leads with his tongue, alternately probing at Logan’s hole and sucking him. Logan’s ass and Boomer’s cock are positioned to connect. Logan reaches back to spread his cheeks, but easing the entry doesn’t diminish the intensity of being invaded by such a monster dick. They fuck in two positions, culminating with Logan being water-logged with warm cum that Boomer quickly eats.

Watch Logan McCree and Boomer Banks in the full-length video

Watch Boomer Banks fucking Logan McCree at Raging Stallion


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