Black power top Liam Cyber raw-fucks Austin Wilde

Austin Wilde and Liam Cyber are no strangers; they have fucked before, but it was never recorded on video. This time, the cameras were rolling when the Guys in Sweatpants owner and Liam Cyber hooked up.

The chemistry between them is always off the charts, so setting up the cameras and just going for it seemed like the most logical thing to do. Austin is kind of a hairy guy, but luckily his ass is nice and smooth to slide Liam’s lubed up cock into. It didn’t take much lube though since Liam spent about 10 minutes with his face buried in Austin’s ass tongue fucking him— the perfect lube. There’s nothing hotter than watching a top get the cum fucked out of him… and into him

Watch Liam Cyber and Austin Wilde in the full-length video

Watch Liam Cyber barebacking Austin Wilde


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