Masqulin: Ace Quinn gets fucked by Markus Kage in “The Trainer” (scene 2)

Today’s release from Masqulin is the second scene from “The Trainer“. Masculine yoga instructor Markus Kage fucked Thyle Knoxx in the first scene and now it’s Ace Quinn who bottoms for Markus.

During a hot, dark yoga session, trainer Markus Kage is turned on by Ace Quinn, one of his clients. He asks the class to close their eyes and to be open. But in Ace’s case, Markus means his tight ass.

Horny and with a hard-on, he starts to fuck Ace right there and then. The other students walk out, but Ace is up for the extra physical session from the naughty trainer!


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Watch Markus Kage fuck Ace Quinn in “The Trainer” (part 2)

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