Sean Duran and Valentin Petrov suck and fuck in “Shower Show-Off” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios network site Extra Big Dicks has released a hot new scene, called “Shower Show-Off“. In this scene, we see Valentin Petrov enjoying a nice warm shower all to himself when he notices Sean Duran staring at him from the locker room.

The two lock eyes and begin to tease one another stroking their massive cocks slowly and sensually waiting for the other to make a move. Sean can’t resist that thick cock of Valentin’s so he dresses down and joins in the shower fun. He is down on his knees worshiping that fat uncut cock licking and stroking it with the biggest grin on his face.

Valentin loves the attention and it leads to him pushing Sean up against the wall and slowly squeezing in his sexy veiny cock deep inside Sean’s smooth bottom. Take a deep breath Sean opens up balls deep as Valentin sensually fucks him in the shower. They move the fun into the locker room where Valentin switches things up and takes a ride on Sean’s sexy cock for a while until they both cum on each other in a sensual delight.

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