Jay Alexander pounds Chandler Scott in “Gym Membership Rewards”

The latest Pride Studios release – called “Gym Membership Rewards” – brings us back into the infamous blue locker room. Jay Alexander is finishing up his tour of the gym in the locker room with Chandler Scott. He explains to him the discount offerings based on the days that Chandler would want to work out.

Chandler asks when it is most ‘Fun’ at the gym and Jay is confused by that question. Chandler clarifies that he heard that this gym is very cruisy and that you can have some good hook ups. With that, Jay smiles knowingly and Chandler takes that as opportunity to move in and take what he wants. They start kissing and soon Chandler is on his knees sucking Jay’s big cock.

Jay then sucks Chandler for a while before bending him over and rimming his ass. He then fucks Chandler bent over the bench and then Chandler straddles him and rides his big cock. Jay jacks Chandler’s cock while he is riding him until Chandler shoots all over Jay’s stomach. Jay then stands up and shoots his load all over Chandler.

Watch Jay Alexander fuck Chandler Scott in the full-length Pride Studios video


Watch Jay Alexander and Chandler Scott fuck in the full-length Pride Studios video


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