Newcomer Bradley Whitman flip-fucks with Derek Jones at GayHoopla

Last week, Bradley Whitman rubbed out a big creamy load in an impressive solo scene. Sexy GayHoopla videographer Derek Jones talked the hot newbie into doing a flip-fuck scene with him. Bradley has stretched his ass with a butt plug. It felt good and although he’s a bit nervous Bradley says he’s ready for his very first dick.

The guys make out, before Derek starts licking Bradley’s beautiful body… making his way to that juicy cock. “Let’s get you down here, boy” sounds pretty hot with a southern accent! Derek sucks Bradley’s dick and Bradley his first blowjob from another dude. It’s Bradley’s turn to suck dick. You’d think a newcomer like him is a bit hesitant, but he’s not. He just does as Derek did and sucks it. He’s a great cock sucker, according to Derek.

Time for some ass-drilling! Bradley spreads Derek open and slides into his first asshole. Derek is stretched to his limit. “That’s tight” Bradley tells him. At first he’s fucking slow but once he gets that first bit of hole, Bradley starts to pound him hard…. very hard. Derek just keeps taunting him to give him more, harder and harder. Bradley starts to fuck Derek with that raw, natural animal energy that guys get when they fuck their first ass. Derek suddenly just spontaneously cums while getting fucked

The guys are ready to switch roles. Derek gets Bradley on his back and slides his hard dick in. We get the perfect shot of Bradley on his back, shot from above as Derek gives him his first dick in his hole. At first he’s got that tense face telling us that he’s barely able to hang on, but once his hole opens wide, he really likes it and takes Derek any way he can. Bradley rubs out a load while Derek fucks his hole. Derek blows his big load all over Bradley’s ass. The scene ends with a little interview with the guys about how Brad’s first experience was…

Watch Derek Jones and Bradley Whitman flip-fuck at GayHoopla

Watch Bradley Whitman flip-fuck in his very first hardcore scene