Tomas Brand uses his big raw cock to fuck Cody Winter at Lucas Entertainment

The latest release from Lucas Entertainment brings together hot muscle daddy Tomas Brand and sexy bottom boy Cody Winter. Tomas, the King of all muscle daddies, is on a role lately. He’s been exerting his alpha-male presence amongst many bottoms on the Lucas Entertainment set, and Cody Winter is next on the list.

Cody is in a very oral mood during their bareback encounter, so he spends time both sucking Tomas’s fat uncut cock and also eating out his tight asshole. After awhile Tomas craves anal sex, and Cody gets into his favorite position to take the daddy dick of Tomas Brand: and that position is doggy style.

Watch Tomas Brand fuck Cody Winter at Lucas Entertainment

Watch Tomas Brand raw-fuck Cody Winter at Lucas Entertainment

  • Cody Winter’s just the man for Tomas Brand.

  • Brian Odom

    Every time I see Cody I wonder if it was the porn that brought out his kinky side or was he always like this back when he was here in NYC. *Yes, I know him in person for several years past his going into porn*

    • Dennis010

      What was he like before? Was he shy guy?

      • Brian Odom

        Shy? Have you seen the videos he’s done so far? haha. I won’t give you his whole history [since I’ve known him but…] but he has worked as a gogo boy in several clubs and also worked at Nasty Pig here in Chelsea (probably where his kinky side was nourished and elevated). He also wasn’t as buff back when I first met him. Toned/slim build. He wasn’t loud and obnoxious but was cool & fun to be around and is known to crack a few many jokes here & there. And he wasn’t a rude tool like so many gogo boys out there are. Oh and of course, he didn’t have the ‘stache & chin fur.

        It never fails that I’m friends with a few porn actors *stars* there & hehe. Or have actually met many of them (well working in & out of clubs and bars will put you within the same room or uhm backroom with them, hehe).