Gabriel Angel and Ray Mannix flip-fuck in “Sunny Daze” part one from Staxus

Staxus has released the first scene from a brand new series, called “Sunny Daze“. In this very first part, they have paired up Gabriel Angel and Ray Mannix for some raw flip-fuck action under the sun. The two guys get down to business quite fast. Ray, in particular, clearly only too eager to get a taste of hard cock, diving onto his French buddy’s shaft and gobbling away like a bitch on heat!

His frantic playfulness only continues when he then decides to spice things up a bit by placing a sock over Gabriel’s dick – an act that results in much amusement from both pals. Before you know it, however, the cock-sock has been tossed to one side and the two horned-up beauties are 69-ing across a bench without so much as a care in the world; which in turn soon leads to Ray plonking his ass down onto Gabriel’s lap and then riding the stiff, uncompromising shaft for all he’s worth.

Never one to want to miss out, however, the young French twink quickly changes places – taking his Czech mate’s butt-stretcher with all the skill and dexterity we’ve long since come to expect from the boy – before roles are once again switched. Whereupon Gabriel literally pounds the jizz out of his mate; then sits back down on the seat and jerks out a truly stunning wad of hot jizz all over Ray’s face.

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See Gabriel Angel and Ray Mannix flip-fucking at Staxus


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