Here is what’s coming up at gay porn mega site this November

Gay porn mega site has some awesome scenes lined up for this month. John Magnum returns to the site after 2,5 years, Pierre Fitch comes back almost a year after his last scene and Damien Crosse is back after almost 9 months.

In November, there are four new guys of which some have already worked for other studios; Hunter Adrian, Rico Fatale, Jay James and Marco Vallant. All in all, it’s a great month for members!

Update (November 4th): has just announced the return of Brodie Sinclair on the 11th of November. Brodie worked for a lot of studios from 2005 till 2011. In 2015, Brodie was directly involved in a controversial article from Gawker Media, which led to the outing of David Geithner, the chief financial officer of Condé Nast (the company that owns famous magazine brands, such as Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and GQ).

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My Sister’s Boyfriend – Cliff Jensen & Beaux Banks

Cliff Jensen fucks Beaux Banks

Release date: 4th of November, 2017

Cliff Jensen and his girlfriend are headed on a road trip, but her brother Beaux Banks can’t seem to stay away from Cliff’s sexy body. After a brief BJ, Cliff hurriedly stuffs Beaux in a bag to hide him from his girlfriend.

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The Boy is Mine (part 3) – Dato Foland, Diego Reyes & Nicolas Brooks

The Boy is Mine part 3

Release date: 5th of November, 2017

Dato Foland and Diego Reyes are caught in the act by Nicolas Brooks and they decide the right thing to do is invite him right on in.

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Uncut Legends (part 1) – Dato Foland & Andy Star

Dato Foland fucks Andy Star in Uncut Legends part one

Release date: 6th of November, 2017

Dato Foland and Andy Star kick off this series with their beautiful throbbing uncut cocks.

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Secret Spa – Jack Hunter & Leo Luckett

Jack Andy fucks Leo Luckett in Secret Spa

Release date: 7th of November, 2017

Leo Luckett’s massage turns X-rated when his wife leaves the room. Will Jack Hunter get caught in a compromising position for his new business? Let’s hope so!

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Retreat Yo’Self (part 3) – Connor Maguire & Griffin Barrows

Connor Maguire fucks Griffin Barrows in Retreat Yo'Self

Release date: 8th of November, 2017

Owner of the retreat Connor Maguire gives Griffin Barrows a private session on how to be truly free from his virtual connections and how to physically connect with Connor’s eager willing mouth.

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My Turn – Tobias, Vadim Black & Max Wilde

Tobias, Vadim Black and Max Wilde in My Turn

Release date: 9th of November, 2017

Vadim Black and Tobias have no problem sharing Max Wilde‘s willing hole to a triple cum bursting conclusion.

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Neighborhood Pervert – Hunter Adrian & Johnny Rapid

Hunter Adrian fucks Johnny Rapid

Release date: 10th of November, 2017

The neighborhood scoundrel, Johnny Rapid, is at it again and gets caught by his lover’s partner. Looking for an escape he runs right into Hunter Adrian’s home where he shows Hunter why he’s the go-to dick in the surrounding area.

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From Here – Brodie Sinclair & Max Wilde

Brodie Sinclair returns to gay porn

Release date: 11th of November, 2017

This is Brodie Sinclair‘s first scene after his retirement in 2011. Brodie Sinclair and Max Wilde worship each other’s thick, hot cocks.

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The DILF Diaries (part 1) – John Magnum & Beaux Banks

John Magnum fucks Beaux Banks in The DILF Diaries part 1

Release date: 12th of November, 2017

Beaux Banks’ crush on his friend leads him to ask for a mutual jerk off session. Someone agrees, but it’s not his friend… it’s hung stud John Magnum.

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Uncut Legends (part 2) – Damien Crosse & Rico Fatale

Damien Crosse fucks Rico Fatala in Uncut Legends part 2

Release date: 13th of November, 2017

Damien Crosse and Rico Fatale give the other uncut boys a run for their money in this hot and heavy fuckfest.

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He’s Mine – Pierre Fitch & Jay James

Pierre Fitch fucks Jay James in He's Mine

Release date: 14th of November, 2017

Jay James takes control over Pierre Fitch and shows him how to really give it to him hard.

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Daddy Gets Seconds – William Seed, Jack Kross & Marco Vallant

William Seed and Jack Kross fuck Marco Vallant in Daddy Gets Seconds

Release date: 15th of November, 2017

William Seed goes to visit his boyfriend Jack Kross, but Jack’s stepdad Marco Vallant wants more time with William than he anticipated.

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Just Fuck The Third Wheel – Bennett Anthony, Jacob Peterson & Jaxton Wheeler

Just Fuck The Third Wheel

Release date: 16th of November, 2017

Bennett Anthony and Jaxton Wheeler are in love and headed on a couples trip. They let Jacob Peterson join the trip at the last minute… but that’s not all he joins in on.

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Pool Dick – Jordan Levine & Johnny Rapid

Jordan Levine fucks Johnny Rapid in Pool Dick

Release date: 17th of November, 2017

It’s closing time at the bar and Jordan Levine is taking his sweet time finishing up his pool game. When Johnny Rapid comes around for last call, Jordan’s stick ends up right between Johnny’s ass.

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That’s My Man – Jason Vario & Jay James

Jason Vario fucks Jay James in "That's My Man"

Release date: 18th of November, 2017

Jay James and Jason Vario have just broken up and have to share a hotel room for one last night. Jason decides to see what other fish are out there and Jay gets super jealous and does something about it.

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The DILF Diaries (part 2) – Michael Roman & Xavier Ryan

Michael Roman fucks Xavier Ryan in The DILF Diaries part 2

Release date: 19th of November, 2017

Xavier Ryan is trying to get his girl’s attention by tossing a couple of small stones at her window. She rejects him, but Michael Roman decides to let him in for a special one-on-one lesson.

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