Lance Bennett raw-fucks Dayne Beric’s hairy hole at GuyBone

For GuyBone‘s latest release, the studio has brought together scruffy hunks Lance Bennett and Dayne Beric. They make a great pair and create some real fireworks. The guys sniff and lick each other’s pits, while they are getting rid of their clothes.

Lance is down to his jockstrap in no time, his hairy hole sky high and being eaten out by Dayne, who loves to pleasure his tops with a thorough rimjob. That’s so hot. Not loosening, lubing him. Just satisfying. And Dayne clearly knew what he was doing because Lance looked lost in ecstasy. Dayne’s perfectly toned body is all sorts of rock hard as he plays around with Lance’s furry ass. With Lance on all fours, Dayne devours his dark-haired back door and sucks his throbbing dick.

Next, Lance becomes more dominant… he rims Dayne’s equally hairy hole and then eased his insanely stiff dick inside. Dayne wraps his long legs around Lance’s waist and pulls him inside deeper. Dayne opens him up starts picking up the pace. They move into different positions a couple of times… and Lance gets close to cumming, too

The guys make out passionately one more time, and that clearly got Lance exactly where he wants to be. He rolls Dayne’s ass up and splatters his hairy hole with cum. It sprays over Dayne’s balls and onto his furry pecs and bearded neck. Then Lance pushes his still pulsing prick inside Dayne and let it rest. Then, Dayne jerks his dick and gently teases his butt. He rockets out a hot load from his throbbing cock.

Watch Lance Bennett raw-fuck Dayne Beric’s hairy hole

Watch Lance Bennett fuck Dayne Beric’s hairy hole at GuyBone


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