Sexy hunk Taylor Reign rides Arad WinWin’s hard cock for CockyBoys

Here’s CockyBoys‘ latest release in which Taylor Reign takes a hard pounding from resident fucker Arad WinWin. The two of them are bored on a rainy day and have no idea what to do. Finally, Arad solves the problem by asking Taylor to join him on the bed and help him out with his throbbing boner. Taylor Reign wastes little time using his lips on Arad Winwin to worship his smooth muscled body and lovingly give him a blowjob.

And Arad’s forceful side gets ignited quickly too as he uses his hands on Taylor’s head and vocal commands make sure that Taylor stays down on his cock and balls. Taylor gives in easily and Arad uses his hands to play with his shapely ass, give him a spank or too and work some finger-fucking action before Taylor’s ass is in his lap. Arad’s relatively quiet dominance results in Taylor getting rimmed and sitting on Arad’s face as commanded.

In a series of almost seamless transitions Arad moves from rimming Taylor to sucking his cock, getting into a tight 69, and standing up Taylor to play with his butt once before turning him around to sit on his cock in a cowboy position. Taylor’s perfectly shaped ass and impressive v-taper are on full display as he rides Arad who thrusts up to meet his bounces. And in another smooth move they kiss again and Taylor is on his back getting Arad’s cock in missionary position… with a few variations.

They’re totally focused on each other with their eyes and mouths reaching one more transition. With Taylor in a reverse cowboy riding Arad’s jackhammering cock, his muscular body writhes and twists and Arad brings him closer by stroking his long, hard cock. Finally with almost every muscle in his body tensed and flexed Taylor shoots explosively and while he’s still spurting, stroking his cock and milking it dry, Arad pulls out, pulls off his condom and quickly shoots off his geyser of a load that lands on Taylor’s torso, his abs and crotch mixing with Taylor’s cum.

Watch Arad WinWin plow Taylor Reign’s ass at CockyBoys

Watch Taylor Reign take Arad WinWin’s hard cock at CockyBoys

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