Sexy bottom Javier Cruz gets fucked by Aiden Ward in “Putting Out” from Pride Studios

In this new release from Pride Studios  – called “Putting Out” – we’re seeing Javier Cruz and Aiden Ward. The two have been dating for a few weeks now and they both really like each other. Javier has invited Aiden over to his house for the first time and he wants to take the relationship to the next step. Aiden feels the same way and soon after they embrace each other and begin making out passionately.

Their hands exploring each other’s bodies, kissing and rubbing each and every part of each other’s smooth physiques. They slowly take their clothes off and Javier begins to give Aiden some very good passionate sucking on his big dick and low hanging balls. They end up in a sexy 69 position which turns into Aiden fucking Javier deep, slow and steady.

It’s been a long time waiting and Aiden feels the connection with Javier as he is deep inside of him. They slowly build up to the conclusion they both have been eagerly waiting for as they lets loose the built up cum from weeks of making out and foreplay.

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