Calvin Banks cums in Troy Accola’s twink ass in “First Time Flashback: Troy Accola”

Losing ones virginity is one of the most sacred and celebrated rites of passage in the life of a young man. Join us at Helix Studios as Troy Accola recounts in delightfully detailed description, his first time knocking boots with another beautiful boy.

In this fun and filthy deflowering flashback, the role of the dashing deflowerer is played by dominant and sexy stud-muffin, Calvin BanksSome say sex should be saved for that one true love. Others think sex is like pizza, even when it’s not great, it’s still pretty good. All in all, whether it’s good, bad, happy or sad… Don’t knock it ’till you try it.

Watch Calvin Banks cums in Troy Accola’s twink ass at Helix Studios

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Watch Calvin Banks fucking Troy Accola’s twink ass at Helix Studios


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