Dario Beck bottoms for Hector De Silva in “Score” from Men at Play

This new scene from Men At Play it starts perfectly innocent; two friends watching a football game on TV, drinking a couple of beers and bonding like any regular friends would do. But as the beer starts flowing and the friends get more into the game, Hector de Silva starts suspecting that the blokey touching between them might not be that innocent after all.

So he decides to get it all out in the open – literally unzipping his trousers and flopping his thick uncut dick out, and asks Dario Beck straight up “Is this what you want?  Then start sucking.

Hector takes the dominant role, forcing Dario to service his dick as he sits back on the couch enjoying the feeling of his friends tongue working his dick. He then turns his attention to Dario’s ass and giving him the deep fucking he’s been clearly craving for months. And as Dario rides Hectors hard cock he shoots a delicious load all over Hector’s suit. And just like that the men go from housemates to regular fuck-buddies.

Watch Hector De Silva fucking Dario Beck in “Score” from Men at Play

Watch Hector De Silva fucks Dario Beck in “Score” from Men at Play


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