Sexy new Helix boy Kaleb Marshall bottoms for Kody Knight

After a very hot solo performance for Helix Studios, sexy newbie Kaleb Marshall is back for some hardcore action. Kaleb’s a young and inexperienced high school senior who’s ultra conservative hometown hasn’t made it easy for him to express or experiment much with his feelings/desires and this sizzling scene is chock-full of firsts.

A multi-sport athlete, the alluring 18 year old is on both his school’s baseball & football teams, so who better to coach him through this extra special openings than studly pro jock top, Kody Knight and his 8 inch pipe? Watch as Kody welcomes the marvelous Kaleb Marshall and the cherry poppin’ daddy shows him the rope.

Watch Kaleb Marshall getting fucked by Kody Knight at Helix Studios
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Watch Kaleb Marshall getting fucked by Kody Knight at Helix Studios


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