Denis Vega and Ivan Gregory flip-fuck in “Cine-X” from Men At Play

The latest scene from Men At Play – called “Cine-X” – is a super hot flip-fuck scene. Bored with the usual app hookups, Denis Vega ventures out into the night cruising the streets of London and pays a visit to one of his favourite pick-up spots – a secret XXX Cinema.

And as soon as he walks in his cock stiffens. The sleazy atmosphere, the hardcore visuals and deep moaning, and the anticipation of getting some cock action gets Denis’ testosterone pumping straight to his dick. So as soon as a tall stranger walks and sits next to him Denis discretely reaches across to grab his Ivan Gregory crotch and start stroking his thick, uncut meat.

Without exchanging a single word the suited muscle hunks start playing with each other’s cocks as they enjoy the movie – at first stroking and sucking but then they loose their inhibition and the strangers take turns to fuck the cum out of each other.

See Denis Vega and Ivan Gregory flip-fucking at Men At Play

Watch Denis Vega and Ivan Gregory flip-fucking at Men At Play 


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