David Benjamin bottoms for Trey Turner and Armando De Armas at Pride Studios

In “Tops Don’t Like To Share!” from Pride Studios, we are seeing three smoking hot hunks; Armando De Armas, Trey Turner and David Benjamin. David is the lucky bottom who gets fucked by Armando and Trey.

Armando and Trey are a very competitive couple and tonight they have David laying on the bed as they caress his body while trying to decide who gets to fuck him first and they start to argue about who will fuck him the best. As they explore David’s body they continue to argue until David flips over and tells them to put their cocks in his mouth. David is going to take control over these indecisive tops. He’s got two cocks in his face sucking and stroking as he goes from one dick to the other. He now wants his ass licked so he tells the boys to get on it and please him.

Armando and Trey fight over his ass as they both try to share it. Some pushing and shoving ensues but eventually they find an ass eating balance. David is tired with the warm up and tells Armando he gets to fuck him first. David gets bent over and starts sucking Trey as Armando fucks deep and hard. David likes it rough with none of that wimpy fucking. David is a control freak so after they fuck him a couple times he tells them to lay down and he jumps from cock to cock riding each one until they are all ready to explode all over David.

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