Handsome AJ Alexander fucks sexy Johny Cruz bareback at Bulldog Pit

In this new scene from Bulldog Pit calledOfficer Initiation” we see rookie Johny Cruz working late in the office when tall and handsome AJ Alexander comes in saying they should head off, leaving the paperwork for later.

Eager to impress but keen not to look a loser, sexy Johny tries to explain his position, but AJ is all about another position and wants to be the first to really welcome the young recruit to the force! Letting him in on a station secret, AJ decides to then show him exactly what the prisoners are used for here, and Johny is as always happy to learn the ropes!

Propped up on the table, uniformed AJ soon strips his colleague down and plunges his giant bare dick straight up into Johny’s peachy and perfectly willing butt! Fucking the young man over and over, AJ’s beautiful raw dick disappears time and again inside Johny who happily bounces on top of it from tip to balls and works it hard, so much so that AJ struggles not to shoot deep inside him, preferring to pull out and coat the freshly fucked hole in spunk before pushing back deep, fucking his sperm into Johny, showing him exactly how it’s done here!

Watch Johny Cruz and AJ Alexander fuck at Bulldog Pit

Watch Johny Cruz and AJ Alexander fuck bareback at Bulldog Pit

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