Cooper Reed and Channing raw-fuck each other at Chaosmen

The guys from Chaosmen have released a very hot bareback flip-fuck video starring Channing and Cooper Reed. The scene contains a lot cock-sucking, ass-licking and of course some very hot raw and deep ass-drilling.

When Channing first came in, I knew just who I wanted to pair him with for his first ChaosMen adventure. He and Cooper Reed look fantastic together. Two muscled and tan hunks with natural body hair! Cooper is rocking a beard the last couple shoots, and is putting him in a Daddy category. He is all grown up now and is all man!

Channing is a bashful and shy guy, and I knew Cooper could bring him out of his shell. Boy did he! They both devour each other’s cocks, swapping oral like pros. My favorite is seeing Channing sit on Cooper’s face. His bubble-butt looks amazing getting rimmed while Cooper strokes his hard cock. Cooper gets his ass all slicked up so Channing can sit on it.

Channing slides down Cooper’s body and slips his cock inside his ass. I don’t think Channing has bottomed too many times, but he does a great job grinding around on Cooper’s cock. Dude stays hard too, so seems like a versatile guy. I have not seen Cooper get fucked in a while so it was time to do some flip-fucking. Channing eases his cock inside of Cooper, who clearly loves having a cock in him.

Cooper moves to get on his back, but first stops to suck on Channing’s cock. There are a couple really hot ATM moments in the video, so Ass To Mouth fans will love it! Channing fucks the cum out of Cooper, then proceeds to lap up his load. They share a cummy kiss, with a giant glob of DNA on their lips. Channing’s nails the cream pie, and once he is done fucking the cum into Cooper, he makes Cooper clean his cum-soaked cock!

Watch Channing and Cooper Reed in this raw flip-fuck video

Watch Cooper Reed and Channing in this raw flip-fuck video from Chaosmen


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