Sven Laarson fucks Tristan Archer in “Scared Stiff” part two from Staxus

Staxus has just released the second scene from their mini-series “Scared Stiff“. It’s been a while since we have last seen sexy blond Sven Laarson, but now he’s back to give Tristan Archer a good deep pounding. This is Tristan’s first video for Staxus, but you might recognize him from his scenes with Lucas Entertainment.

Tristan can’t wait to get inside his buddy’s pants as they sneak inside an old barn. Before you know it, he’s on his knees to get his lips around the blond boy’s meaty ramrod. For his part, Sven just sits back and enjoys every spine-tingling, ball-tightening moment of the fellow’s performance; before eventually joining up with his pal for a sweaty session of 69-ing down in the straw!

Just seeing these two handsome beauties rollicking around on the floor is surely enough to get even the most hardened porn-viewer into a full-on lather; but matters intensify still further when Sven finally presses home the advantage and buries his shaft deep into Tristan’s guts.

It’s something that the young bottom has clearly been gasping for from the off; and now that it’s arrived he makes the very most of the occasion, riding his pal’s pole in a variety of positions for all he’s worth. Little wonder that both guys are soon spewing all over each other as a result!

Watch Sven Laarson and Tristan Archer in the free trailer Read our Staxus website review here

Watch Sven Laarson and Tristan Archer in Scared Stiff part 2


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