Cooper Steel gets fucked by Aiden Garcia in “Morning Glory” from Helix Studios

Helix Studios‘ latest bareback scene is called “Morning Glory“. The American twink studio has paired up sexy blond Cooper Steel and hot young hunk Aiden Garcia for some hardcore action.

Nothing beats waking up in the early morning hours to sweet sunshine like golden boy Cooper Steel. When Aiden Garcia has this very distinct pleasure, that luscious little breakfast booty really gets his rooster crowing.

A hungry and growing boy, Aiden starts the day off with a morning rim then puts his raw, uncut, nine inch long King Kong ding dong to work in this jaw-dropping grand slam breakfast bare-boning. Afterall, the best part of waking up is Cooper on your cock. Dick tested, Aiden approved.

Watch Aiden Garcia fucking Cooper Steel in the free video trailer
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Watch Aiden Garcia fucking Cooper Steel in Morning Glory


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