Grayson Lange bottoms for Aiden Garcia in “Stuffing the Stock Boy” from Helix Studios

Playtime may be the name of the game at Helix Studios, but what were they thinking leaving two of the cutest working together all alone on an important task. It all goes off quickly for Aiden Garcia and Grayson Lange with a good old fashioned sex toy tryout.

All it took was a go at some of the fantastic fuckables stored inside the warehouse and these boys were bound to bone. Aiden gets up in Grayson’s goodies with his deep drilling dipstick and in the end treats Grayson to his load for lunch! Even With all of the fun and exciting distractions in the Helix store room, it’s clear that their most seductive preoccupation was each other.

Watch Grayson Lange and Aiden Garcia fucking at Helix Studios
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Watch Aiden Garcia & Grayson Lange in the full-length Helix Studios video


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