Sean Zevran probes Armond Rizzo’s ass in “Hard Medicine” part four

Hot House has released the fourth part of their “Hard Medicine” movie. Hung Dr. Sean Zevran‘s frequent patient, Armond Rizzo is waiting for him in the examination room. When the doctor inquires about his medical challenge, Armond says that ‘this time’ it’s his lower back, and that the last treatment he got really helped him a lot.

Armond pulls down his shorts and mounts the examination table on all fours with his ass up in the air and legs spread, to show the doctor where it hurts. Dr. Sean injects lube in Armond’s hole and offers up a deep digital insertion with his fingers in Armond’s perfect hole. Dr. Sean really wants to help Armond so he turns up the intensity by inserting a stainless steel ball probe into his hole and giving Armond a serious face fucking with his rock hard┬ácock.

The final part of the treatment is Armond wrapping his ass around the doctor’s big cock, and Armond gets poised to take it. To finish it all off, Dr. Zevran sits back on the examination table and Armond lowers his greedy butt onto Dr. Sean’s huge dick and rides it hard in reverse cowboy while he jerks his cock until streams of cum fall down, and Dr. Sean shoots out a heavy helping of cum too.

Watch Sean Zevran fucking Armond Rizzo in Hard Medicine pt 4
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