Dalton Briggs fucks Alex Killborn and will soon be working for Bel Ami in Prague

CockyBoys has released Dalton Briggs‘ second scene and this time he has been paired up with Alex Killborn. Coincidentally, this is also Alex’ second scene for CockyBoys. The guys were pretty excited meeting each other and you can feel there’s a good chemistry between the two of them.

The guys first did a little hiking outdoors getting to know each other and making out, but it wasn’t long before Dalton took Alex’s hand and guided him inside for some privacy. Dalton very sweetly mentioned he wanted to give Alex the “best bottoming experience” possible, and Alex warmed him up with an intense blowjob.

Alex continued sucking Dalton’s cock while Dalton rimmed Alex’s hole in preparation for his cock. Then Dalton slowly began fucking Alex from behind while Alex was already gasping for breath. Alex got on top and rode Dalton for a short while, but Dalton really wanted to take back control and fucked him face to face until they both reached a happy end.

Watch Dalton Briggs and Alex Killborn in the hardcore trailer

In related news…. Dalton Briggs will soon be visiting Prague to work with Bel Ami. It’s not the first time that CockyBoys and Bel Ami work together and exchange models. Max Ryder going to Europe to film with BelAmi and Kevin Warhol visiting the CockyBoys studio in New York, are just two (successful) examples.

Watch Dalton Brigg fucking Alex Killborn at CockyBoys


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