Behind the scenes with AlphaMales: the making of “I, Spy”

AlphaMales has been working on the production of their upcoming movie “I, Spy“. They have released some very hot and promising photos, which really make me want to see more.

Theo Ford, a landlord with a dark side, has cameras fitted into every room of every house he lets out. He’s definitely a voyeur with a strict tenant policy; they have to be hot, muscled, and big dicked, with a high sex drive! And no one fits the bill like Theo Ford, Theo Reid, Scott Hunter, Issac Jones, Bruno Bernal, Billy Baval, and Saxon West. Come with us on this Behind The Scenes look at “I, Spy,” full to the brim with tight flexing muscles, hairy chests and load after load of huge wads of cum!

Watch the behind the scenes video at AlphaMales

Bruno Bernal and Issac Jones:

Bruno Bernal fucks Issac Jones

Billy Baval and Saxon West:

Billy Baval and Saxon West

Scott Hunter and Theo Reid:

Scott Hunter and Theo Reid

Theo Ford and Saxon West:

Theo Ford and Saxon West

Don’t miss the behind the scenes video at AlphaMales


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