Riley Finch debuts at CockyBoys and gets fucked by his porn crush Levi Karter

Cute twink Riley Finch makes his CockyBoys debut and gets fucked by his porn crush, Levi Karter. You’ve probably seen Riley before at either Helix Studios, 8teenboy or Spank This!

Levi Karter is just as happy to top Riley Finch and wastes no time sucking him deep and turning him over to eat his ass. And when it’s his turn Levi gets some eager cock-sucking from Riley who also takes Levi’s cock thrusts. Soon Levi feeds his cock to Riley and face fucks as well plays with his ass and briefly 69’ing with him.


The boys also want to fuck and on the floor, Levi pounds Riley from behind in front of the mirror. Riley satisfies his exhibitionist side watching himself here and later when he rides Levi and looks over his shoulder to watch in the mirror. Levi’s topping prowess kicks in as he holds Riley tight while thrusting into his hole, then standing up to fuck him in mid-air, before sitting back down again.

And Levi turns Riley around to let him watch facing the mirror once more. But he finishes off Riley on his back, fucking the cum out of him. Levi pulls out just in time to shoot over Riley and quickly finishes cumming inside him. At the end Riley and Levi both are giddy.

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