Cristiano debuts at MEN and bottoms for Johnny Ford in “Pool Daddy”

Meet Cristiano… a very sexy newcomer who makes his debut with! This bisexual newbie gets fucked by Johnny Ford in this update, called “Pool Daddy“.

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Curly-haired twink Cristiano and his buddy Hatler are super hot… and the weather is sweltering too. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so they hop a fence and strip down to their skivvies to sneak into a neighbor’s pool.

When daddy Johnny hears shouts and splashing from outside, he runs out to catch them. Hatler gets away, but he grabs Cristiano and accidentally rips off his favorite briefs.

The twink pushes Johnny Ford into the pool, then waits, ass out, for the blond top to surface and rim his hole.

Cristiano sucks Johnny before riding his dick, then takes a pounding doggy-style by the waterfall. Johnny puts the twink on the diving board, fucking Cristiano till he cums, then shoots his load on the bottom’s ass.


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