Adrian Hart debuts at CockyBoys and fucks Tannor Reed in “New Day” (scene 2)

Sexy star Adrian Hart makes his CockyBoys debut opposite Tannor Reed as we continue “New Day“. This is a porn series exploring ways in which our guys find that every day can be an opportunity to just do what we want to do, in the moment or beyond.

For Adrian Hart and Tannor Reed, their time together in Los Angeles is a staycation to delve into their more intimate, sensual sides and make a deeper connection. Chilling, exploring each other’s bodies, and kissing leads Adrian to carry Tannor to bed to tease his ass. But, with Adrian’s cock tenting his underwear, Tannor tells him just has to suck it.


Tannor sucks Adrian who lies back and enjoys the pleasure as well as giving feedback and guiding Tannor along. Adrian takes Tannor in his arms to kiss him passionately and put him on his back to eat his hole. And when it’s properly primed Adrian fucks a very vocal Tannor while sucking his feet for added pleasure.

With his whole stretched out by Adrian, Tannor decides he wants to ride him. After sliding down Adrian and grinding deep, Tannor takes all his deep upward thrusts and subtle domination.


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Adrian eventually lets Tannor ride him again but soon he lies him down in a 69 variation to eat his ass while Tannor again sucks him. And, after face-fuckin and rimming him some more, Adrian fucks him from behind. Soon though Adrian is virtually on top drilling him so deep and hard that Tannor is almost in an eye-rolling trance.

When he’s about to go over the edge, Adrian shoots his thick load over Tannor’s hole and into him. Adrian neck with Tannor who soon lies back to shoot his own thick load… all while they keep on kissing and kissing and kissing…

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Watch Adrian Hart fuck Tannor Reed in his CockyBoys debut



Watch Adrian Hart fuck Tannor Reed in his CockyBoys debut



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