Next Door update: Shawn Mason, Jackson Traynor, Spencer Laval, Steve Rickz & more

This Next Door Studios update covers the network’s first three scenes for this week. Shawn Mason debuts at Next Door Studios and fucks Jackson Traynor in “Rescued Raw“, while Dante Martin, Spencer Laval, Carter Woods and Steve Rickz have a bareback fourgy in “Brotherly Order“. Newcomer John Evans plays with his hard cock and rubs out a load in his solo debut.

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“Rescued Raw” – Shawn Mason and Jackson Traynor


Woozy and light-headed, Shawn Mason is lucky Jackson Traynor found him passed out on the trail. In that situation, one is statistically much more likely to be eaten by a ravenous band of raccoons than to be rescued by a hunky, helpful hand. And yet, somehow Shawn has beaten the odds and finds himself back at Jackson’s place.

Not only is Shawn Mason feeling much better. He’s also rock hard and ready to fuck as Jackson deep throats him on the bed. Considering the horrible raccoon death Jackson likely saved him from Shawn is glad to return the favor and give him the kind of deep-dicking that a forest walking, stranger-rescuing kind of guy clearly needs and deserves.

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“Brotherly Order” – Dante Martin, Spencer Laval, Carter Woods & Steve Rickz


Pledges Dante Martin and Steve Rickz have shown promise and made it this far, but if they want to join the Brotherhood, they have one final test to pass. Big brothers Carter Woods and Spencer Laval have broken in plenty of pledges. In fact, breaking in pledges is kind of their specialty, but they’ve never seen candidates as willing and able as these two young guys.

Still, it takes more than that to be a full member in this house. Steve and Dante will have to trust that Carter and Spencer have their backs, but they also have to be able to have their brother’s backs in return. When push comes to shove, you have to be able to give and take to make it in this group, and luckily these recruits seem like they’re going to fit in just fine.

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“Solo Debut” – John Evans


Young buck John Evans is finally home and all he has been thinking about is stroking his cock. He sits on his favorite couch and eases into things as he slowly takes his clothes off. John likes to take his time so his nut is huge in the end. His body is a work of art as his hands caress his ripped chest and all the other muscles attached to his amazing physique. John never stops stroking his cock and his hands are always moving. He can feel his balls twitch as his nut travels up through his shaft and with one last stroke his thick cum shoots out of his cock and onto his smooth sexy chest.

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