Logan Cross takes every inch of Josh Brady’s big dick in “Rise ‘n Shine” from Helix Studios

In the latest release from Helix Studios – called “Rise ‘n Shine” – twink boy Logan Cross bottoms for Josh Brady and takes every inch of the jock’s big dick.¬†With nothing but a towel covering his well worked out tight twink body, Logan emerges from his morning shower looking sexy as fuck! His brawny bedfellow, Josh is still lounging about; but, the juicy jock’s morning wood is definitely standing at full attention.

Much like the rest of him, Cross’ cock sucker is wet, warm and wide awake. He binges on Brady’s big, beefy breakfast sausage and it definitely delivers some severe sustenance that kicks this morning into high gear! Cross climbs his cute caboose onto the bed, then mounts the magnificent morning monster he’s woke for a raw ride. Apparently, little Logan has been hitting the gym and it shows! He’s ripped, slim and severely flexible.

Rise 'n Shine

The twink accepts every big, raw inch as Brady blasts his bone up into the boy. The limber lad gets laid every which way and never misses a bone thick beat, even when taking Brady’s big rig in reverse cowboy! After treating his man to such a succulent “breakfast in bed,” Logan spits out his one demand. The beautifully bossy bottom orders his alpha to “stand up and fuck me” and, Brady is more than happy to oblige.

Logan lays on his back, eases his legs in the air, and lets his man bring home the bangin’ breakfast bacon! Josh jams his giant all the way in, then all the way out, allowing Logan to feel the full length of his lust. Logan is so happy and full, he’s about to bust! So, he slaps some spit on his pulsing piece and milks it for all it’s worth. Brady takes in the tasty site while continuing to slam the kid before flooding Cross’ cock wrecked manhole with a sticky good morning protein shake.

Watch Logan Cross bottom for Josh Brady in the full-length bareback video

Helix Studios

Watch Logan Cross bottom for Josh Brady in the full Helix Studios video