Shane Cook fucks Travis Berkley’s bare ass in “Alone At Last” from Helix Studios

Today’s release from Helix Studios is called “Alone At Last“. Young lovers Shane Cook and Travis Berkley let a friend crash at their place, but when he overstays by a few days, sexual frustration between the two hotties starts to build up. The second their unaware guest closes the door with his suitcase in hand, the tasty twosome release a raunchy wrath of pent up pleasure upon one another!

Unable to hold their bone for the bedroom, Travis goes to work on Shane’s cock… devouring every inch right by their front door window. Shane services his sex starved boyfriend’s schlong with gulping gusto before tongue punching Travis’s perfect porcelain skinned booty. He spits inside the ravishing redhead’s red hot hole signaling Travis to turn over.

Shane Cook fucks Travis Berkley

Travis braces himself on all fours, wet and ready for his man’s big bareback, beer can thick dick. After days of waiting, Cook if finally able to cork his boy’s hole and tears into Travis with animalistic raw wrath. Travis turns over wanting to see his sexy beast of a boyfriend banging his boy hole with that smooth bodybuilder physique. Cook turns up the heat, hammering Travis’ tight end with an unapologetic fuck force.

Berkley’s balls are finally free to let days of pent up nut loose and he splashes his smooth torso with a white river. Shane whips his super hero hog out and aims it directly at it’s pleasure source, coating his boy’s gorgeously gaped groin pouch with pounds of grade A man goo. He pushes his hung hero’s hard work around with some seriously sticky hot seed.

Watch Shane Cook fuck Travis Berkley’s bare ass in “Alone At Last”


Watch Shane Cook bareback Travis Berkley at Helix Studios


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