Jason Vario pounds Jeremy Spreadums in “West Texas Park & Ride” part three

Legendary porn director Joe Gage has paired up Jason Vario and Jeremy Spreadums for the third scene from the Titan Men movie “West Texas Park & Ride“. Finishing up his late shift, blue collar Jason Vario has to take care of his boner – but gets caught by officer Jeremy Spreadums in the garage. “Jack your worries away?” asks the authority figure, eager to exploit the situation.

“You ever try anything else, like a dick?” says the cop, releasing the bulge from his pants. The two stare and stroke, Jason tugging on Jeremy’s foreskin. Jason sucks the cop, who strips out of his uniform before deep-throating Jason – who then tongues and fingers the bottom’s hole, Jeremy’s chiseled chest and abs glistening as he gets pounded atop the hood of a car. Leaking as he gets rammed balls deep, Jeremy squirts before getting his pecs coated.

Watch Jeremy Spreadums take Jason Vario’s big cock at Titan Men


Watch Jason Vario plow Jeremy Spreadums’ perfect ass at Titan Men