Muscle top Myles Landon fucks Mikey Junior in “Overpowered” part two from Hot House

Hot House has today released the second scene from their “Overpowered” movie. The studio has paired up hung muscle top Myles Landon and greedy bottom boy Mikey Junior. Myles is hard at work in the garage when Mikey stops in to deliver some parts. After Myles receives the package, he gets Mikey to stay and give him a quick hand with a van he’s working on.

After Mikey helps out, he heads for the door, but Myles grabs the delivery boy, pulls him into his throbbing package and gropes his firm ass. Micky’s libido is ‘Overpowered’ by the ripped mechanic, Mikey drops to his knees deepthroating Myles 9-inch tool. Myles fills Mikey’s mouth with cock before returning the favor with a sopping wet hummer.

Myles continues to please the delivery boy when he bends him over against the van and lathers Mikey’s hole with his long tongue. Myles uses his tank top as leverage around Mikey’s neck as he parks his big meat in Mikey’s open hole.

Mikey gets drilled doggy style until he falls to his knees one last time to catch Myles’ thick load into his open mouth. Covered in cum, Mikey uses the cum on his face as lube to shoot his load out onto the shop floor.

Watch Myles Landon fuck Mikey Junior in “Overpowered” part two

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