Jonah Fontana fucks Lorenzo Flexx in “Cum Laude” part two from Titan Men

Titan Men has released the second scene from their “Cum Laude” movie, in which Jonah Fontana fucks Lorenzo Flexx. These tewo studs are voyeurs and both grow huge wood. Jonah guides Lorenzo down to his big dick, slapping it on his face and spitting into his mouth. Jonah pulls him up, staring into Lorenzo’s eyes as their noses touch, kissing him as they passionately embrace.

Jonah fucks his face, then sucks Lorenzo’s thick slab while fingering his hairy hole. Jonah munches him, stroking the sub’s boner before pounding him from behind (“Gimme that dick!”). The tattooed bottom sits on Jonah (“There you go! Ride that fucking dick!”), then gets on his back for more before shooting a thick load. “Open that mouth!” demands the top, who blasts a rocket onto Lorenzo’s face.

Watch Jonah Fontana fuck Lorenzo Flexx at Titan Men


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