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In the latest Broke Straight Boys release, Levi Jackson wastes no time getting a taste of Zeno Kostas’ sweet cock, on his knees between Zeno’s legs and taking that long shaft into his mouth, Levi sucks that dick until it’s standing at attention. Zeno touches himself, running a hand along his body and across his chest, playing with his nipples as he watches Levi blow him.

Zeno gives Levi head next, taking Levi’s whole dick in his mouth until he’s hard and ready to fuck, climbing onto the bed and spreading Zeno’s legs apart as he sticks him with his naked prick. Zeno takes that big dick like a man, pulling Levi in deeper as he gets fucked raw, Levi’s balls slapping against Zeno’s delicious ass as he pumps him full of that fat cock.

The boys try a different position and both get into it, each moaning as they fuck hard, Zeno’s ass bouncing as Levi pounds him until they’re ready for release and Zeno gets a mouthful of Levi’s cum. He drinks up that jizz while he jerks himself off, sucking every last drop from Levi’s cock as he drains his own!

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