Bromo: Yen Maple gets fucked by gate guard Dato Foland in “The Gate Fucker”

Gay porn newcomer Yen Maple debuts at Bromo and gets fucked by Dato Foland in “The Gate Fucker“. Yen wants to see a lot more of the new gate guard at his complex, so he “accidentally” drops his ID where he knows sexy Dato will find it, then rushes home, takes off all his clothes, and then waits.


When helpful Dato Foland knocks on the door to return the card, he’s greeted by the sight of every inch of lanky, tattooed bottom Yen Maple. Yen sucks Dato’s dick and Dato eats Yen’s hole, then fucks him doggy-style before inspecting his gape with a flashlight!

Yen rides the hot gate guard’s cock on the stairs, then lies back to get fucked deep, hard and raw… till he cums before Dato shoots his load on Yen’s abs.

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