CockyBoys: Sebastian Green fucks Avery Jones in “Catch & Release” (part 4)

This scene – starring Sebastian Green and Avery Jones – is the fourth and final part of the CockyBoys series “Catch & Release“. In the series finale, Avery merely has to text “I have a glory hole” on his Sniffies hook-up app and sure enough Sebastian shows up at his place!

Avery likes what he sees through the opening of his homemade glory hole. He eagerly sucks Sebastian’s cock when it comes through. Sebastian loves the deep throat action he gets and starts to fucks the hole and Avery’s mouth.


Sebastian Green also wants to see the sucker’s face and when he sees Avery Jones, he’s even more pleased. Avery is reluctant to do more than suck cock, but once he grants Sebastian’s wish for a kiss, his resolve wanes. Avery sends Sebastian up to his bedroom and follows. As they fully kiss and Sebastian takes out Avery’s cock, his mind changes at last.

Sebastian continues to make out with Avery while stroking him and playing with his ass. That seals the deal as he gets Avery naked and eats out his hole. Sebastian’s mouth, tongue, and fingers work their magic on Avery who now really wants his cock inside him.

After a little teasing, Sebastian fucks Avery from behind, growing more dominant with each deep thrust. He’s in total control when Avery goes down on him again and gets face-fucked. After slobbering on Sebastian’s cock, Avery mounts it and takes more cock pounding in addition to riding it.

Sebastian jackhammers Avery and goes over the edge when asked to cum on his hole. The second he pulls out he glazes Avery’s hole and goes back to fucking him until Avery too shoots his load. As they lie together, it looks like a long-term connection has been made!

Watch them fuck in “Catch & Release” (part 4)



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