Men At Play: Ruslan Angelo takes Leo Rosso’s fat cock in “Award vs Reward”

The guys from Men At Play have paired up Ruslan Angelo and Leo Rosso. The suited studs suck and fuck in this update, called “Award vs Reward“.

Men At Play

This evening Leo Rosso will be recognized and receive an award for his philanthropy work. He has asked his partner, Ruslan Angelo, to join him, but Ruslan prefers to stay home swimming and enjoying the Spanish sun.

Noticing that Leo is upset, Ruslan finally goes inside to get ready. He looks good suited and decides that he should dress like this more often, and Leo agrees! His suited partner looks great and Leo starts making out with him.

Ruslan, aware of the delay, stops him, asking Leo if they weren’t in a hurry? Alas, Leo has changed his mind, the award can wait – it’s time for his reward!


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Men At Play


Watch Leo Rosso fuck Ruslan Angelo in “Award vs Reward”



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