MEN: Piotr Watts submits to Paul Wagner in “Housewarming Gift” (part 1)

The first part of “Housewarming Gift” marks the debut of Piotr Watts. He has already filmed with Chaosmen and The Guy Site.

Paul Wagner’s friend couldn’t stay to give him his housewarming gift, but he left it laid out for him: Piotr Watts, naked and waiting, face down, ass up, and topped with a bow!

Piotr Watts is there to do anything Paul Wagner wants, so Paul starts by fucking the bottom’s face, then fills up that ass with cock in doggystyle.

Piotr rides Paul, then the top pounds his ass and paints it with his load, and Piotr jacks himself off and cums.

Watch Paul flip-fuck with Chris White in the second part


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Watch Piotr Watts bottom for Paul Wagner in his debut



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