College Dudes: Mike Monroe bottoms for Zander Lane and takes his raw cock

Zander Lane reaches around Mike Monroe as they make out in this College Dudes video. He’s grabbing that sweet little ass and squeezing it hard while they kiss. As they strip down, Zander Lane rubs their cocks together, thrusting gently into his hand as his dick rubs against Mike Monroe’s.

Turning around, Mike gets on the bed doggy-style and Zander lubes up. He then enters Mike’s tight hole, fucking him hard and raw. Mike moans as his ass gets stretched by Zander’s thick cock, ass bouncing as Zander pumps his shaft into him over and over. Mike takes that fat dick, letting Zander pound into him harder and faster.

Giving his ass a break, Mike turns around and sucks on Zander’s prick, giving him head as Zander watches him lick and suck his member. As much as Zander loves Mike’s mouth on his cock, he loves that tight ass even more and gets back inside of Mike, filling him with dick until they both cum hard!

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