MEN: Michael DelRay pounds Theo Brady in “The Pickup Artist” (scene 1)

Michael DelRay raw-fucks Theo Brady in the first scene from the series “The Pickup Artist“. How do you know who’s a top and who’s a bottom? The Pickup Artist, Michael “Dom Juan” DelRay is here to show you!

Michael DelRay shares his tips for telling whether that hottie nearby prefers to give or receive, but his system breaks down when he runs into versatile Theo Brady. Michael isn’t convinced that verses really exist, so Theo goes back to his place where they can find out.

Theo sucks the top’s cock and Michael fucks Theo’s tight hole in missionary and doggy-style, then Theo rides Michael’s cock so good the top needs to pull out and give Theo a facial before telling the bottom to cum.

Michael DelRay fucks Joey Mills in the second scene from this series and Nate Grimes takes Michael’s big cock in the third scene. These scenes will be released on the 19th of March and the 26th of March.


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Watch Michael DelRay fuck Theo Brady in “The Pickup Artist” (scene 1)


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