MEN: Michael DelRay gets fucked by Chris Damned in “Homo Renovation” (part two)

Here’s the second part of the series “Homo Renovation“. Hetero homeowner Chris Damned is curious about his Homo Renovation, so he sneaks in for a peek. Most of his man stuff is gone, but he finds a box of porn and starts jerking his dick. Host Michael DelRay spots the horny straight jacking it and quickly gets naked except for a hard hat.

Homo Renovation (part 2)

In the blink of an eye, Chris is getting his cock expertly sucked by a dude! Chris Damned fucks Michael DelRay doggy-style over the couch, and when his wife comes looking for him, Michael doesn’t let on that her hubby is laying pipe as he sends her away.

The tattooed top fucks Michael missionary. Then the bottom rides Chris’s hard cock before bending over a sawhorse to get nailed till he cums and takes a creamy cum facial!

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Watch Chris Damned fuck Michael DelRay in “Homo Renovation” (part 2)


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