MEN: Michael Boston shows what he’s learned and fucks Collin Simpson in “Dr. Wood” (scene 2)

After Doctor Reese Rideout showed him exactly how it’s done in the 1st part, Michael Boston is now ready to fuck some ass in “Dr. Wood” (scene 2). Michael is back for his second session with Dr. Wood.

Dr. Reese Rideout listens to Michael’s progress and teaches him the mantra “Rub those ears, pinch those nipples” before calling in sex surrogate Collin Simpson so Michael can show what he has learned.

With plenty of instructions and encouragement from the good doctor, Michael Boston stimulates Collin Simpson‘s erogenous zones. He then confidently verbalizes his desire for Collin to suck his cock.

Dr. Wood gives Michael hands-on help as he penetrates Collin’s ass for the first time, teaching Michael everything he needs to know about topping as Collin rides his cock. The sexy doctor is very pleased with his patient’s progress as Michael cums so hard he gets some of his load on the doc’s sweater, but next it’s time to teach Michael about bottoming…

The third part from “Dr. Wood” is a threesome starring Reese Rideout, Michael Boston and Collin Simpson. This video is scheduled to be released on the 7th of March. Here’s the hardcore video trailer.


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Watch Michael Boston fuck Collin Simpson in “Dr. Wood” part 2


Visit MEN and see Michael Boston fuck Collin Simpson in “Dr. Wood” (scene 2)


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