Falcon Studios: Matt Lockwood bottoms for Julian Grey in “Tales From The Locker Room”

The second scene from “Tales From The Locker Room” is the very first Falcon Studios scene for Matt Lockwood. Director Chi Chi LaRue has paired him up with Julian Grey. Star player Matt Lockwood has a history of leg injuries, so Team Doctor Julian Grey, checks out the ripped athlete thoroughly.

Falcon Studios

It seems Matt has been checking out Julian too, and in a smooth mutual seduction, the jock and the doc go for it right there in the locker room. With the sounds of the game happening on the court just outside surrounding them, Doctor Julian sucks on Matt’s toes and fingers his tight butt thru his jockstrap making this baby-faced star moan.

Julian rims his hairy hole till the eager player begs for some of the doc’s dick, and Julian has a huge one to slap in the boy’s face. The vocal slut can’t get enough of doc’s cock and rides him bareback on the floor till he shoots a geyser of jizz, matched by Julian’s own big cum load which Matt gobbles up and drains doc’s balls.


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Watch Matt Lockwood bottom for Julian Grey at Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios


Visit Falcon Studios and watch Julian Grey raw-fuck Matt Lockwood


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