TimTales update: Maksim Orlov, Robert Royal, Tim Kruger, Vladimir Stark, Santi Konnor & Aron

Good news for all Tim Kruger fans; the hung top appears in three out of the four scenes that were released in the second half of April!

The fourth scene brings together two porn newcomers; hung Austrian top Robert Royal and handsome Russian bottom boy Maksim Orlov.

Tim Kruger himself raw-fucks Santi Konnor, Vladimir Stark and Aron. The latter one is a big and muscular newcomer and Russian hottie Vladimir is another first-timer.

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Tim Kruger fucks Santi Konnor’s bare ass


While we’re all getting fat in lockdown, Santi Konnor is as hot as always. That muscular hunk is smoking beautiful in all his bodybuilding glory. So no surprise here that Tim will take that tight hole to himself. He did it before, but this time: Raw and wet. Tim’s massive cock fits perfectly in. And as a reward, Santi gets Tim Kruger‘s world-famous creampie.


Russian newbie Vladimir Stark bottoms for Tim


Another huge porn debut on TimTales! Vladimir Stark is simply stunning. From Russia with love, Vlad’s deep blue eyes and killer smile will melt your heart in seconds. Tim certainly agrees here. That bottom boy has an amazing bottomless hole that loves to be used by massive raw cocks.

No need to say that he found his home here on TimTales. For his porn debut, Tim’s legendary raw cock deflowers that sweet hungry hole. Watch our for more scenes with Vladimir Stark.


Newcomers Robert Royal and Maksim Orlov


Get ready to double the trouble with those two hot newcomers. Our new big dick top is a total Austrian cutie now living in Berlin. Meet Robert Royal and his royal cock, and royal smile. With that sexy accent, you just can’t refuse that cock up your ass.

His lucky power passive is a high fashion model turned cock graving twink bottom. Maksim Orlov is peachy Russian and he’s got those deep blue eyes you can’t stop looking at while breeding his gaping hole. It’s a first time for both and as you can see, they are absolute naturals.


Big muscle bottom Aron gets fucked by Tim Kruger


At TimTales, we freaking love muscles. And I know you do too! So get ready to be blown away by that mountain of muscles. TimTales is proud to introduce a newcomer as heavy as a bear. Meet bodybuilder Aron.

He weights 200 lbs (90Kg) and has the sexiest, biggest forearms you’ll ever see. And thank God for everyone, he loves to get bred by massive raw cocks. So Tim’s legendary cock is perfect for that tight muscle ass. In this intense scene, Tim shows his dominant and rough side.




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