Disruptive Films: Lawson James fucks Grayson Lange in “CryoCum”

The latest release from Disruptive Films is called “CryoCum” and has been directed by Walden Woods. It’s a hot intergenerational scene starring Lawson James and Grayson Lange.

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Abel Watts (played by Grayson Lange) is an anxious young man with abandonment issues. He is in a long-term relationship with a handsome older man, Wayne Cook (played by Lawson James).

The last thing Abel wants to consider is that something could happen to Wayne and he’ll be alone again. In order to preserve his relationship for life (and beyond), Abel gets his hand on a rare CryoCum that is said to help lengthen the life of men.

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Watch Lawson James fuck Grayson Lange in “CryoCum”



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