Kosta flip-fucks with Pol Prince in “Bareback Auditions 14: Kosta Viking Raw” (scene 1)

The guys from Lucas Entertainment have released the first scene from their movie “Bareback Auditions 14: Kosta Viking Raw“. Unfortunately, this first scene is the only one starring Kosta Viking. He has been paired up with Pol Prince with whom he flip-fucks.

Lucas Entertainment

When a model like Kosta starts filming for Lucas Entertainment, it’s important to get to know him with an interview in the “Bareback Auditions” style and tradition. We first saw Kosta debut with his real-life boyfriend, Rudy Gram, where they took turns sharing Allen King. Once Pol Prince saw how hot Kosta Viking is, he wanted a piece of the blond Italian.

He was cast to star with Kosta because Pol wanted to grab the handsome model by his long blond curls and give a good pull while he sodomized him deep in his ass. And guess what… that is exactly what he does! Pol’s muscles are trim and tight, and they flex with masculine beauty as he pumps his raw cock in and out of Kosta.

Pol prefers to top, but he’s willing to spin around and give it up for the right guy. Well, there’s no guy more right than Kosta Viking. Kosta takes his time as he fucks Pol on his back, and as his uncut Italian cock slides pumps up a load, Kosta’s long damp hair hangs around his face!

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Watch Kosta and Pol flip-fuck in “Bareback Auditions 14”

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Kosta Viking and Pol Prince fuck each other



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