Pride Studios: Juan Carlos bottoms for Tristan Brazer and takes his raw dick in “Bro Fuck Me”

Tristan Brazer raw-fucks Juan Carlos in “Bro Fuck Me” from Pride Studios. With the women away, the men will play. At least, that’s the way Tristan Brazer and Juan Carlos figure it. Just because there’s no women around doesn’t mean these two can’t have their own fun.

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Maybe when they were younger they would get hung up on labels, but now, as far as Tristan is concerned, a hole is a hole and fucking is fucking. Luckily for him Juan is definitely down with the program.

Once Juan feels Tristan’s hard cock filling him up, he wonders why the two of them don’t do this more often. Tristan is thinking the same thing as he fucks Juan’s raw hole until he loses his load all over himself, and by the time Tristan christens him with his own hot batch, he decides this ‘bro’s night in’ might have to be a weekly routine.


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Watch Juan Carlos bottom for Tristan Brazer in “Bro Fuck Me”

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