Johnny Rapid fucks Kaleb Stryker’s bare ass hole in “Johnny’s Toolbox”

This JohnnyRapid scene – called “Johnny’s Toolbar” – is a hot one! Last time Kaleb Stryker was in town, he fucked Johnny (check “Rodeo Romeo”). Now it’s time for Johnny to enjoy Kaleb’s ass, and he shows up at the hotel with some gifts: a genuine Johnny Rapid replica ass and replica dildo!

Johnny Rapid

Kaleb Stryker compares the fake cock to the real thing, then sucks both at once. Johnny Rapid then fucks Kaleb’s mouth while Kaleb fucks his ass with the Johnny dildo before switching places.

Kaleb rides Johnny while sliding his cock into the pocket ass, and it feels so good to have Johnny’s cock in him while having his cock in “Johnny” that soon Kaleb is blowing his load. Johnny adds a lot of spunk to the mix, and tells Kaleb the toys are his to keep.

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Watch Johnny Rapid fuck Kaleb Stryker in “johnny’s Toolbar”

Johnny Rapid


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